About me

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Hi! I am Pritesh Tupe. Friends call me Pat.

I am a Full Stack Developer with focus on MERN stack and React-Native. I also dabble in PETAL stack on the side. With 5+ years of industry experience across various projects, teams, and environments, I constantly seek to better myself and my work.

If you have any queries regarding my projects, posts, or just wanna say hi, please contact me on any of the platforms below.

My story

The day I was born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name...

Wait, wrong story!

While my birth was not heralded by ancient powers-that-be, I personally consider it a life-changing event nonetheless.

It was the year 1994, when I was christened "Pritesh" by the family. I grew up in a small town during the formative years of my life devoted to video games - my "first" insistence, I got a library card - and fell in love a second time. This time with words. Well, it was more pictures than words initially (looking at you Phantom & Mandrake), but before long I was gobbling up Jeffrey Archer's and Dan Brown's masterpieces. Finally, my friends dragged me to a new swimming pool club that had recently opened where I formed my final love of childhood days - swimming.

In the year 2010, I moved to the city for higher studies. Here, I got my first taste of things that would define my life for the coming decade - Anime, Light Novels, and Programming! (Of course, excluding the usual "firsts" of college days.) While the former two were quite understandable, I won't lie about programming - I was downright flummoxed by it at first. Only at first though. As I learned more about the inner workings and outer effects, I was understanding a problem - dissecting it just so, then wrestling to fit it into a paradigm, finally getting to a solution with no more errors. And boy oh boy, when things work just the way you wanted them? I still feel that exhilaration of a smoothly executed code-run just as much as I did back when I printed my first ever "Hello, World!"

The year 2016, fresh There I worked in Innovations across varied (and often large-scale) projects. Later on, I joined an IoT startup, HPS Lab Designs. I started as a back-end Nodejs developer, swiftly moving on to front-end React development as well. Eventually, I found my way into React-Native platform, and thus my professional moniker: Full Stack Web and Mobile App Developer, which succinctly covers the core of what I do.

That was back in 2021. Going through a couple of years of pandemic brought forth old dreams of me to wonder what was holding me back. I realized I had gotten comfortable in my spot. And thus, after a tumultuous year of ups and downs, I managed to leave for Canada in the fall of 2022. I decided to formally start learning Mobile App Development, so got enrolled at Fanshawe for a degree in the same.