Gamified simulation of an environment with different creatures and their surroundings. Make it sustainable to win!


When you load up the page, you are greeted with a bunch of input boxes (along with some exposition). The values you enter in these inputs determine the initial state of the simulation. The simulation consists of an environment, your aim is to make is sustainable. If it survives for 20,000 years, you win!


  1. Environment is made up of specific Plants (Moss - green, Musk - olive) and Creatures (Wolves - red, Sheep - blue).
  2. Wolves feed on Sheep, Sheep feed on Plants, Plants grows on Creatures' droppings.
  3. Musk grows only where there is a high density of droppings.
  4. Upon reaching a certain Size, Creatures reproduce.
  5. All Creatures and Plants evolve.
  6. Creatures will die if not fed for certain amount of time.
  7. Creatures/Plants will die when they get old.

Set the stage:

  1. Enter initial number of Moss -
  2. Enter initial number of Emonos -
  3. Enter initial number of Jeagers -