1. :redir @a
  2. :__commands__
  3. :redir END
  4. "ap
$ vim filename.txt -c "hardcopy > filename.ps | q"; pstopdf filename.ps

pstopdf may be names ps2pdf on other OSes

:earlier __time__
:later __time__

where time = x(s|m|h|d) (s = second, m = minute, h = hour, day)

to go back and forth on state of buffer in time of x units

:e scp://staging/~/path/to/file.ext

Assuming a Host for 'staging' is set in ~/.ssh/config

:% bd | e # | bd #


spaces are optional

TAB cycles through options; Ctrl-a inputs all options.

Example: To delete all *.js files in buffer list

:bd js Ctrl-a

Can use :bwipeout to completely remove a buffer