A Thing about Curiosity

November 2015

It's been a very long time since anything that I heard in the classroom excited me...

I remember listening about Dalton's theory for the first time in my Science class ages ago, and I remember how I visualised every thing around us being the same, just being arranged differently. I was seeing the world in a whole new way; the theories of sub-atomic particles that followed further reinforced my new perspective and boy, the thoughts running through my head whilst these things were being taught!

Pretty soon, school was done, and here I am today, in a renowned university learning the great skills. But I miss the "zing" I felt at those times. Probably because back then, I was simply curious. Pure curiousness drove me. Now, things have changed. Although I still have a load of questions, something feels missing. Is it just me?

I guess I can attribute this to a couple of factors. The first being, this is simply a part of growing up. Is our curiosity nullified gradually the more we grow? Why so? May be it is because we accrue worries exponentially. Becoming "Part-of-the-World" is the end goal. Money and Family become the driving factor. Well, this can't be helped. But then again, is it possible to simply BE a curious person? By that, i mean not letting the "growing-up" part get in the way of your curiosity. Well, I can say I am curious even now, thankfully, so then why does learning in classroom does not excite me as much?

This brings me to my next factor - non-conducive environment. The things that I am being "taught" aren't enough; my doubts are being scorned at, indirectly, curiosity is being squashed. And it's not the teacher's fault. The resources they have at their disposal are laughable, and they worry more about your clothes, IDs and other useless things than what their student really takes from a lecture. Sure we have the Internet to satisfy our curiosity, but somehow, it's just not the same. Can we have better ways of being taught? Hell yeah. Then why don't we? Is this a problem with the education system? So much for being "renowned".

Well, what can I say? I feel like it all comes down to individual choice. No one can stop you from learning. As they say, where there is a will, there is a way. All my rant was probably a way for me to give fuel to my own faltering flames of curiosity, but hopefully, it'll help you in ways I know not. And this being my first blog, I'm not exactly up to speed on the etiquette's of how long (or short) I should keep my work, so I'll bid adieu here and hopefully, curiosity will guide me to learn and explore stuff that I can share further in more meaningful blogs. Good day!

All is Fair...