An Experiment

December 2017

I believe this is what they call free association writing - you just "start writing" without any idea of what you are going to write about. What am I writing about? I have no clue, hopefully though, I'll find a flow soon since writing a whole lot of stuff about nothing in particular is a peculiar way to expose your creativity. So, let me just note down some of the thoughts that run around in my head, like an empty train going from nothing to nowhere.

Existence is almost always the foremost issue in my mind. A reason, a meaning, an explanation... something? And it's not just my own presence that intrigues me - it's the existence of EVERYTHING! But right now, there is no need to get philosophical about this issue, since writing that sort of stuff takes a piece of your mind and here I'm just running my figurative pen off for the sake of this experiment.

Recently I've watched a couple of animes (I probably should've spent that time studying but eh) namely Naruto and One Piece. The latter is still ongoing. I find the "hero" figures of both stories viz Naruto & Luffy strikingly similar - especially their 2 traits. 1) They both have a cherished goal that they follow no matter what. 2) Their presence always positively affects the other characters (good AND bad) around them. Why am I talking about Japanese cartoons so suddenly? Well, besides the obvious reason that they popped into my head and I had to note it down, I believe they have a specific relation to the paragraph above. The fact that they have a goal to look forward to justifies their existence - especially so for Naruto. But the fact is that they are not doing it for themselves. Both protagonists thirst for acknowledgement from someone; that someone come and tell them their presence is not unnecessary. Although this is an emotional aspect of existence since human beings crave for acceptance in a social structure, it also goes on to show how/why they live they way they do/did.

Another thing that I've noticed very recently is that everyone and I mean EVERYONE, craves stories. Now, our conventional meaning of stories is a bit dumbed down, yet it applies to the hypothesis I'm speaking of. Sure, a book tells a story, so does a picture/photo. A painting, a song, a smell, a memory, our daily routine, hell people's lives are stories. History is a story, so is Geography - it tells us how/why the landscape is the way it is. Science, Math, Music, every where you see, a story is hidden in plain sight. What is the significance of it? It reveals a deep hidden quirk of human nature - one that is not quite obvious since it is not a natural characteristic of living beings; It is unique to humans. We like to "experience" things - from a simple song to a grand world tour, in the end, everything is a story. What you leave behind, aka a "legacy", is naught but a story.

Well, these were the top three things on my mind the last few minutes. I wrote them down the best I could, although I hear the way I write is pretty convoluted. I am working on it, fear not; and if you ask me what the point was of this whole thing? Well for me, it was a small experiment in free association writing - I've wanted to try it for ages now. For you? Well, I guess you have to find your own "moral of the story" :wink:. I have no explicit conclusion here; take it, leave it, shake it, stir it - it is what it is after all. What I do hope though, is that you could catch a few minutes of free time in your own whirlwind of thoughts, and maybe a smile on your lips as you reflect back to those quiet minutes. That would be more than enough for me to say that my experiment succeeded. Have a great day now, cheers! Posted 3rd December 2017 by Pritesh Tupe

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