Preparing for PGDM in Canada (Draft)

This is a rough outline of the steps I took preparing for my journey to Canada for studies. I'm outlining them below to give a sort of holistic view on the whole process for those who intend to do the same.

This is an early draft uploaded for a friend, will add some meat to the list at later time.

Phase 1: Prepare for Admission

  1. First step is to give an IELTS exam that assesses your english skills. It is required to get a score of atleast 6 out of 9.

  2. Apply to colleges.

  3. Wait for Admission Approval

Phase 2: Prepare for Visa (Post-Admission)

  1. Apply for GIC

  2. VISA Photo & SOP

  3. CDC Medical Checkup

  4. Biometrics

  5. Visa Forms

  6. Wait for Visa Approval

Phase 3: Prepare for Departure (Post-Visa)

  1. Buy a ticket

  2. College specific stuff (Visa Proof, Vaccination etc)

  3. Buy a sim card

  4. Get CAD cash or Forex Card

  5. Find a room

  6. Get RTO Extract (For those who drive)

  7. Update ArriveCAN details (2 days before flight)

  8. Shopping and Packing (See for lists below)

Phase 4: Post Arrival

  1. Activate Bank Account

  2. Activate SIM Card

  3. Get SIN Card

  4. College specific stuff (ID Card, Study Permit etc)

Packing List

Setting up Haskell development environment for Neovim (2022)