Wireless adb

September 2020

How to use adb wirelessly

  1. Connect your system to the phone via adb using cable (how-to below)
  2. Enter the following in shell adb tcpip 5555
  3. Your adb server should restart; now type the following adb connect <phone-ip>:5555 where phone-ip is the wireless internet address of your phone
  4. Enter adb devices again, it should show your phone's ip
  5. Remove cable. Done!

Wireless adb will work until you reboot the phone

Your phone and laptop/pc should be on the same network

How to connect laptop/pc to phone with adb

  1. Ensure adb debugging is enabled (how-to below)
  2. Attach cable to your system and phone
  3. Type adb devices in your shell
  4. A pop-up will show up on your phone to "Allow USB Debugging", click allow
  5. Done! You device string will show up in the shell below the command

How to enable adb debugging

  1. In your android phone, navigate to Settings > About Phone > Software Information
  2. You should see your "Build Number", tap on it a few times until you see "Developer mode has been enabled" pop-up
  3. Go to Settings again, Developer Options > Toggle USB Debugging
  4. Click allow on the pop-up. Done, debugging is now enabled, yay!

While the overall process is same on all phones, the placement of setting options may be different. You can use the search option in your Settings

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